“Crested Butte is the untamed destination at the end of the road. We are confident in who we are and what we seek; pure, wild nature.  We take bold risks to pursue our passions and demonstrate our untamed, intrepid grit in our everyday actions. Our dedication to our mountains, community, coworkers and guests set us apart and bring us together. Come join us at the end of the road.”

Crested Butte Mountain Resort is located exactly at the end of the road, and while it takes a little effort to make the journey, the scenery and the community are worth the work. We pride ourselves on our Drive and Passion. Our small town vibe, vibrant culture, historic past, and intense connections guarantee that if you choose to be here you will truly have the Experience of a Lifetime.

The Resort


Whether you’re looking to come for a season or stay for a lifetime, Crested Butte will have what you are seeking. Our rich pioneer history in ranching and mining left our community with the spirit to seek adventure, pave new paths (not literally of course) and the reverence and respect to realize what we’ve been gifted.

Things to do in Crested Butte


Summer Activities
Crested Butte is often referred to as “The Wildflower Capitol of Colorado” and being here for the summer will show you why! Being surrounded by National Forest gives you access to hundreds of miles of single track, gold medal fishing, awesome climbing, plenty of mountains to conquer and if you’d rather spend your days on the beach or in the water we’re 30 minutes from the second largest reservoir in Colorado. Out tightknit community also offers plenty of arts and entertainment events throughout the community. Free outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets, art festivals, plays, and educational events take place all summer long.

Winter Activities
Crested Butte prides itself on access to the gnarliest of terrain, but if hucking cliffs isn’t your thing there is plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain to tackle as well. Off the slopes, the valley offers miles upon miles of groomed Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. The events and festivals don’t stop in the winter either; The Grand Traverse, The Alley Loop and The Fat Bike World Championships are just a few cornerstone events that take place once the snow starts to fly.

Frequently Asked Questions



Where is Crested Butte Located

The Gunnison Valley is one of the most beautiful and rural areas in Colorado. However, this also means that it is a bit out of the way. We think the trade-off is worth it, but make sure you are prepared to get here. Drive time from Denver is 4 hours, and just under 4 hours from Colorado Springs. With a county wide population of only 16,000 we do not have the infrastructure or retail stores you might be used to in a larger city.

Where am I going? How Do I get There?

Distance from major centers:

  • 30 miles/48 km north of Gunnison 
  • 230 miles/368 km southwest of Denver 
  • 90 miles/114 km northeast of Montrose 
  • 197 miles/315 km west of Colorado Springs 

Once I Am There, How Will I Get To Work

The Gunnison valley has an extensive network of free busses that run early in the morning until late at night.

Mountain Express Bus Service (FREE) -
Gunnison Valley Transit Authority (FREE) -