Our mission is to create the Experience of a Lifetime for our employees, so they can, in turn, provide exceptional experiences for our guests.​

Serve Others

Own it, personalize it and elevate it.​

Do Right + Do Good

Act with integrity – always do the right thing, knowing it leads to the right outcome. Preserve our natural environments and contribute to the success of our local communities.​

Be Inclusive

Welcome everyone to our company, resorts and communities - include all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities.​

Drive Value

Grow profit through smart and innovative business practices.

Be Safe

Be committed to the safety and wellness of our employees and guests.​

Have Fun

Fun is our product – create fun, enjoy your work and share the contagious spirit.​


We are passionate about providing a great experience to those who love our sport and to those who have yet to discover the magic of the mountains. We always want to keep getting better. Constant improvement means you listen, learn and change. This year, we are moving forward in a new direction - learn more here.

Our Team

Our team members are the people who make the Experience of a Lifetime possible. They work best when they feel fulfilled and supported. That’s why we are providing higher pay, new affordable housing, leadership development, exciting perks, and access to free mental health services. ​

Our Guests

Delivering the Experience of a Lifetime to all skiers and riders – whether they are pros or newcomers – is why we wake up every day and do what we do. Each of our mountain resorts is a unique destination with its own distinctive terrain, rich local culture and dedicated leadership teams. Our goal is to preserve and celebrate the uniqueness of each special place.

Our Future

We believe that growth and change is necessary for not only our sport’s long-term viability, but for its vitality. This means creating a more inclusive culture and accessible sport, being an advocate in the fight against climate change, and investing in our communities through EpicPromise grants and partnerships. ​