What to expect living in and around Whistler. 



First year staff may be eligible for HOUSE. This is subsidized accommodation that comes with everything! Units are fully furnished and rent includes utilities. Each location is staffed with House Advisors who are available around the clock to support the residents. For more detailed information on the different locations check out their HOUSE.

Life as a Seasonal Worker


  • As is the case every season, we cannot predict what Mother Nature will bring, so make sure you come prepared for the experience of a lifetime… and some extra savings to get you through as we cannot guarantee a set number of work hours per pay check (we recommend a safety net of $3,000 CDN)
  • Winter positions usually start mid-November to until mid-December, and the season usually ends mid-April. These dates may vary due to seasonal business fluctuations.
  • Full time positions can be defined as 30-40 hours per week, and part time is 16-29 hours per week.



Come prepared for our climate and dress for a successful season.

Temperatures can vary but average temperatures during the winter months will fluctuate between -10°C to +5°C. We typically do experience a cold snap that can last up to a month in December/January when temperatures can drop to -20°C.

We offer staff sales throughout the year so you can get outfitted but do come prepared with a good pair of winter boots, gloves, hats and warm layers!

Temperatures can vary but average temperatures in the summer months are low to mid 20°C. As a part of the coastal mountain we receive quite a bit of rain so bring your wet weather gear.

The Village


Whistler offers a lot to its locals – from Health Care with medical clinics and a hospital to clothing stores, gyms, grocery stores, restaurants,  yoga studios, and hair salons. You can find information about what is here on:

Check out our local newspaper for the most current events around town including ski events in the village, and free live music in the summer:

Getting Around


Public Transit:

For information on schedule and fare rates please refer to the Whistler Transit website as the rates can fluctuate and schedule change seasonally.

You can buy monthly or 6 month bus passes and if you decide to participate in the Whistler Blackcomb Staff deals program called Club Shred ( they sell some at a discounted rate. To give you an idea, a monthly unlimited pass is around $60. 


Taxi rates in Whistler are based on a rate/kilometer.  For example from the Village to Glacier Park or Brio - $8, from the Village to Westside $18

Excalibur Gondola:

During full winter operations this gondola operates from the Village base to Base 2 on Blackcomb mountain from 8:30am – 8:00pm and is free for foot passengers.


Whistler Village was designed to be a “pedestrian-oriented environment”, so take advantage of it!

Club Shred


Club: Staff Having Really Excellent Days (SHRED)

Club Shred is a members based social and activity club open to any Whistler Blackcomb staff member or volunteer. All deals, discounts and events are open to members only and not available to the public.

For $2 a paycheck you get deals, discounts, events all tailored to your interests! We have partnerships with over 50 local businesses and are always looking for more!