Come capture the “Spirit of the Tetons” in the North America's most photographed mountain range, inside one of the most iconic national parks. Many of our team members return year after year to ensure that our guests receive the most out of our abundant wildlife and breathtaking fishing, hiking trails and fishing villages. Grand Teton Lodge Company offers an amazing place to live work, and explore within the park.


Weather changes frequently and drastically at times. Dress in layers to maximize your comfort. Our summer temperatures regularly range between 20° and 85° F with snow possible at any time of the season.


Working at Grand Teton National Park is truly an experience of a lifetime.  Who can imagine a better place to develop new skills and reach your potential?

Hours and Wages

  • Grand Teton Lodge Company follows the minimum wage provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as applicable Wyoming state laws. Wages compare favorably with those paid by other seasonal National Park concessionaires.
  • Most entry-level positions pay $9.25 per hour with dorm housing provided (employee RV Park available for a separate site fee).
  • Work schedules will vary based upon time of season. Early and late season shifts may be less than 40 hours a week. Shifts during peak season can range from 40 - 48 hours a week. The Company is under no obligation to provide a work schedule for any definite number of hours during any day of the week. Scheduled work days may fall on any day during the week, including holidays.
  • Overtime pay for hourly employees occurs after 56 hours per week.

Drug Free Workplace

  • We are committed to providing a drug-free workplace. Wyoming state law does not permit the medical use of marijuana and marijuana is illegal under federal law, with or without a prescription.
  • Employees will be required to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test under the following conditions: after a work-related injury, any accident which results in damage to company property or company vehicles, or reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pre-employment and random drug tests are necessary and conducted on a job specific basis. Refusal to submit to a test or a positive test will result in termination of employment.

Medical Attention

  • Work-related injuries are covered by state-maintained Worker's Compensation Insurance. A medical clinic is located at Jackson Lake Lodge and a hospital is in the town of Jackson. If you are under medical care we encourage you to consult with your doctor as our location is at an elevation of approximately 6,800 feet.

Accepting a position

  • If we are able to offer you employment, you will receive a job offer letter outlining your position, wage, scheduled arrival date, start date, expected end date, and other information. Please do not accept our employment offer unless you intend to work the full dates on the offer.
  • All employees must be willing to perform duties as assigned. The Company reserves the right to modify positions, duties, location, and hours.
  • Upon arrival for work, all new and returning employees must present valid documentation that meets the requirements of the federal government's I-9 form. Without proper documentation we will be unable to allow you to work and you will have to leave the property. All documents must be unexpired originals. For information on acceptable forms of documentation, please visit


All work and no play is not good for anyone.  With an abundance of outdoor activities and many opportunities to gather with your co-workers, we know you will have fun during your time working for Grand Teton Lodge Company.  

Employee Recreation
With an onsite Employee Recreation Director, employees always have opportunities to participate in. We offer many employee events and activities for all interests.

  • Fourth of July BBQ & Parade
  • Hiking & Camping Trips
  • Softball League
  • Photography & Art Clubs
  • Pool & Ping Pong Tournaments
  • Trivia, Open Mic, Movie, & Game Nights
  • Midseason “Rendezvous” Theme Party
  • Community Volunteer Project Days
  • Off Property Excursions (Yellowstone tours, shopping/movie trips to town etc.)
  • And so much more!

Interpretive & Development Programs
Lead by the GTLC, Flagg Ranch, and National Park Service representatives, employees can learn more about Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding area as well as advance their careers in hospitality. Programs are posted regularly throughout the GTLC properties.

  • Teton Jeopardy
  • Teton Photo Safari
  • Explorers Series
  • Midnight Hikes

GTLC Activities
All GTLC & Flagg Ranch employees are encouraged to participate in any guest activity the company offers. Most of the activities are free of charge to employees and are booked on a space available basis.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Canoe/Kayak/Boat Rentals*
  • River Raft Trips
  • Lake Cruises
  • Breakfast and Dinner Wagon & Horseback Rides*
  • Breakfast and Dinner Lake Cruises*
  • Lunch and Dinner Raft Trips*

* Activities involving a meal are provided to employees at the cost of food. Boat rentals are provided at the cost of fuel.

Jackson Hole Activities
Looking for something in our local community? Jackson Hole has a lot to offer you.

  • Jackson Rodeo
  • Teton County Fair
  • Grand Teton Music Festival
  • Art Fairs
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Fourth of July Festivities
  • Live Concerts
  • Center for the Arts (theatre)
  • Farmers Market

For more information on activities, click here.


Grand Teton National Park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone National Park and just north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


  • There are many local banks in the town of Jackson. There are no banks within the Park, so you will need to go to town to set up a bank account. If you choose to have your paycheck deposited directly into a bank account, you can set this up at check-in or at any time during the season. It takes two pay periods to be activated. Please note that there is NO Bank of America in Jackson.  The closest one is 2.5 hours away in Idaho Falls, ID.  You can utilize the Employee Shuttle to open up a bank account in town!  Wells Fargo is directly across the street from Albertsons where the shuttle stops.


  • Albertsons (grocery and pharmacy) – will cash paychecks for a fee
  • Smiths (grocery, pharmacy, gas) – will cash paychecks for a fee
  • K-Mart (general needs)

Daily Shuttle Service

  • Employees are provided a daily shuttle service for the surrounding areas free of charge. Schedule to be determined