Our housing complex is located near the California Base Lodge and is apartment style living in either five or seven person units. Housing is assigned based on availability to persons who have been formally offered a position at Heavenly and complete a formal housing application.



  • Employee housing is located at 1100 Keller Road in South Lake Tahoe, near Heavenly's California Main Lodge.
  • Housing consists of two-bedroom, and three-bedroom, apartments with a kitchen and bathroom, either two or three people per bedroom.
  • There is a $350 security deposit per person and rent is $13.08 per day per person. Prices are subject to change.
  • Kitchen utensils are provided, however residents must provide their own bed linens, towels, and cleaning supplies.
  • There is no housekeeping service.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to live in employee housing. Any employee between the age of 18 and 21 must sign a "non-drinking" agreement.
  • Important: To be considered for an allocation, you must give a commitment of at least three months. Housing is a benefit of continuing employment. 


The majority of our employees live outside of employee housing. Unique amongst ski resorts, Heavenly is located in its local community - the cities of South Lake Tahoe, CA and Stateline, NV. There is a public bus service that runs through South Lake Tahoe that is free for Heavenly employees. The bus system also runs between our Nevada base lodges and various California locations. Because of our unique location there are generally more housing options available as an employee of Heavenly than in most other resort locations. As a general rule expect to pay $300 - $500 per person a month for rent. It is common to have to pay the first month's rent and a security deposit upon signing. There are a number of resources available to help you find housing. Our local newspaper, the Tahoe Daily Tribune, has houses and apartments for rent listed in their classified advertisement section. Go to http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/ and click on classifieds. Searches under "rentals", "South Lake Tahoe" and "Stateline" through most search engines will bring up good listings of available accommodation in this area.


Below is non-exclusive list of agencies, individuals and lodging properties that may have housing available. There is also more information located in the Human Resources department at the California Main Lodge.
(Heavenly is not responsible for incorrect phone numbers)

  • Realtors Near Lake Tahoe
  • Accomodation Station: 530-542-5850
  • South Lake Tahoe Realty: 530-541-5900
  • Tahoe Sierra Rentals: 530-542-5548
  • Tiger Realty: 530-541-9343
  • Rentals of Tahoe: 530-544-2736
  • Tamarack Rentals: 530-541-2595
  • Coldwell Banker Rentals: 530-542-0557
  • Mountain View Management: 530-544-4153
  • Selective Properties: 775-588-8258
  • Alpine Realty & Rentals: 530-544-6979
  • Lakeside Rentals: 775-586-0082
  • Lodging Near Lake Tahoe
  • C&M Lodge: 530-544-5303
  • Blackjack Inn: 530-544-3902
  • Budget Inn: 530-544-2834
  • Value Inn: 530-544-3959
  • Monaco Motel: 530-544-4300
  • Highland Inn: 530-544-3862
  • Chateau Inn: 530-541-2363
  • Best Choice Inn: 530-544-4114
  • Beverly Lodge: 530-544-2857
  • Budget Inn: 530-544-2834 
  • Tahoe Mountain Lodge: 530-541-6380
  • Tahoe Queen Motel: 530-544-2291
  • Thunderchief Inn: 530-541-6231
  • Pinewood Inn: 530-544-3319
  • Midway Motel: 530-544-4397
  • National 9 Motel: 530-541-2119
  • Knights Inn: 530-544-2956
  • Roadside Inn: 530-544-3369
  • Travel Inn: 530-544-2036