We passionately believe it is people, not mountains, that differentiate Vail Resorts as an industry leader. Thus, we strive to be thoughtful, rigorous and sophisticated in how we develop and invest in our people. And we encourage every employee at every level within the company to be a leader.

Discover Your Untapped Potential

We seek people who are willing to explore every part of their work and every part of themselves to find new ways to make a meaningful impact. We want people who are committed to their own leadership development and being part of something great.

We are passionate about our work, our industry, and our own development.  View this passion on display in this video from our annual Leadership Summit.

Kiernan Cain

Vice President, Resort Marketing, Broomfield

“. . . the embodiment of our culture is “Vulnerable Leadership,” with the sense that the more you give of yourself to your team, your peers, your manager, the more you will get back in return.”

Carol Fabrizio

Vice President, Communications, Broomfield

"There is no shortage of challenges or opportunities to help improve the business. If you see a need, and you have the capacity and ambition to work on it, you’ll have the opportunity and support to forge ahead."

Mike Goar

Vice President and COO, Heavenly Ski Resort

"Two things come to mind in relation to leadership within Vail Resorts - self-awareness and owning your contribution to your own success as well as that of your coworkers and the company."


Vail Resorts is committed to leadership as a competitive differentiator. As such, the company provides an expansive collection of tools and resources for employees of all levels to learn and grow as leaders. 

Development Courses

We offer a broad range of professionally designed leadership development programs for entry level employees to the most senior executives. Oh, and we've got some great outdoor courses for team-building days!

Women in Leadership

Our POWDER and Women in Leadership programs have been developed to foster an inclusive culture that attracts and retains a broad range of exceptional talent and promotes diverse leadership growth opportunities. 

Epic by Nature Podcast

Around the world, across all of our resorts, we have employees who are experiencing their own epic journeys. We developed this podcast so that we can share their journeys - all of which are truly epic by nature. Listen Now!

Leadership Summit

Our biggest event of the year, the annual Leadership Summit brings together over 800 leaders to explore topics in leadership and build leading connections across our growing global business. Learn More.

Insights Discovery

We provide access to development tools like the Insights Discovery platform, a behavioral assessment that offers a framework for self-understanding and development. 

Individual Development Plans

As part of our structured annual goal setting and review process, we prioritize individual development plans where employees collaborate with their supervisors on personalized plans to develop the skills required to continually advance their careers. 

Move Mountains

At Vail Resorts, your voice can move mountains.  During the annual Leadership Summit, a small group of employees and leaders from within the company step on stage to share their leadership journeys in our unique take on TED Talks.

These talks are courageous, inspiring, vulnerable and incredibly powerful.  You never know, the most inspiring leadership story you’ve ever heard could come from the person sitting next to you.  Or could it come from you?

To view additional epicTalks, please click the videos below.

Glenn Stahlman

Mary Walter

Sara Olson