Commitment to Safety

To further prioritize the health and safety of our employees and guests in response to COVID-19, we have reimagined the resort experience for the summer and winter seasons. Our approach to safety will be consistent across our family of resorts to provide you with a familiar and comfortable experience regardless of where you decide to start your Experience of a Lifetime.


All employees are required to wear a face covering and follow the company’s safety protocols and procedures at all times, including regular hand washing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Gear.

Employees will receive COVID-19 protocol training from your department leaders and local Health & Safety on your first day.

Employees will undergo daily health screenings and receive appropriate training to ensure safety.

Employees are required to stay at home if sick.

Employees who are off work and engaged in recreational activities on our resorts are expected to follow our requirements for masks, physical distancing, and sanitizing protocols.