• Seasonal employees at Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter Bay Village are housed in furnished dorms with communal bathrooms. Employees at Jenny Lake Lodge experience cabins with bathroom facilities nearby while Flagg Ranch has hotel converted dorm rooms with a private bathroom. Nearly all employees share a room with one or more fellow employees. Some rooms and cabins accommodate up to four people.
  • All dorm employees are charged a weekly Room & Board Fee of $95, which includes a bed in housing, linens, all utilities, and three meals a day at our Employee Dining Room (EDR). Because there are no cooking facilities in the dorms, this fee with included meal plan is not optional.
  • Residents of seasonal housing must be full-time active employees of the company. Any exceptions require approval from the Vice President and Human Resources. Employees must be at least 18 years old to live in seasonal housing.
  • All dorms are pet and smoking free.  Service and support animals must receive prior approval from Human Resources.
  • Visitors are allowed in employee-only areas between the hours of 10:00am and 10:00pm. Overnight visitors are not permitted in Employee Housing.
  • Quiet hours for all housing locations are from 10pm to 7am every day. Residents are expected to be considerate of their neighbors and avoid excessive noise at any time.
  • Firearms and fireworks are not allowed on housing premises, in the employee RV Park, or within employee housing.
  • GTLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged property. Take care to secure your valuables, and leave behind any unnecessary ones. Securing renters or personal property insurance is highly encouraged.
  • All employees will be required to sign a Housing License agreement for any damages or cleanliness issues in the dorms. 
  • Housing rules are strictly enforced.  It is an employee’s responsibility to read and understand all regulations associated with employee housing and living in the National Park.
  • Employee Housing has a three strikes policy for behavior in GTLC employee housing locations. The three strike approach aims to encourage good behavior, resulting in a healthy and comfortable place to live. A third strike means housing privileges will be revoked.
  • Upon departure, damages or cleaning fees of common areas or EH Unit are divided equally between all employees/residents of affected unit or area. If an individual employee/resident is proven to be the sole person responsible for damage, he/she will be held completely accountable for damages and/or fines.


  • The GTLC Employee RV Park has a limited number of sites available. There are water, electric (30 and 50 amp), and sewer hookups at each site. These are suitable only for hard sided, fully self-contained RV’s (no tents or pop-up campers). Resident comfort stations are located throughout the RV Park and provide laundry, shower facilities and limited Wi-Fi Internet.
  • All RV sites are charged a daily fee of $8.50 besides those residing at Flagg Ranch, Gros Ventre Campground, or Colter Bay Campground sites which charge a daily fee of $7.50. This is a per site fee. 
  • Two (2) pets are allowed per RV site and must comply with company and NPS guidelines. Temporary fences are allowed. Fenced areas must be shorter than the length of your RV and no more than 6ft wide. Fences cannot be attached to trees or other natural elements of the terrain, and should be placed on gravel or pavement areas if possible. 
  • Guests are allowed to visit and stay in employee RVs but must register with the Employee RV Park Manager, and may stay no longer than seven days.
  • RV employees do not have access to the Employee Dining Rooms unless they purchase meal vouchers from the JLL Vault or switch to the $95/week Room & Board Fee.
  • Firearms and fireworks are not allowed on housing premises, in the employee RV Park, or within employee housing.
  • All employees will be required to sign a Housing License agreement for any damages or cleanliness issues with their RV Park housing site.
  • All RV sites are assigned by the Colter Bay General Manager. Specific site requests are not guaranteed. We have limited space in the RV Park, so please let the Hiring Manager know if you would like to live in the Employee RV Park during the interview process.
  • In order to live in the employee RV Park all individuals must be employed by Grand Teton Lodge Company/Flagg Ranch Company.  Any exceptions may only be approved by the Vice President and Human Resources. 

For more information on employee housing, click here.