Information ranging from the hours you work, to the grooming standards expected of employees.

Hours and Wages

Grand Teton Lodge Company follows the minimum wage provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as applicable Wyoming state laws. Wages compare favorably with those paid by other seasonal National Park concessionaires.
Work schedules will vary based upon time of season. Early and late season shifts may be less than 40 hours a week. Shifts during peak season can range from 40- 48 hours a week. The Company is under no obligation to provide a work schedule for any definite number of hours during any day of the week. Scheduled work days may fall on any day during the week, including holidays.
Overtime pay for hourly employees occurs after 56 hours per week.

Get paid

Paychecks are distributed every 2 weeks on Fridays (one week after pay period end). It is possible, depending on your arrival date, to work 2-3 weeks before receiving your first paycheck, so please try to arrive with some extra money to cover this time period for any expenditures you might have. There are no banks within the Park. If you choose to have your paycheck deposited directly into a bank account, you can set this up at check-in or at any time during the season. It takes two pay periods to be activated. You can utilize the Employee Shuttle to open up a bank account in town!  Wells Fargo is directly across the street from Albertsons where the shuttle stops.

 Drug Free Workplace

We are committed to providing a drug-free workplace. Wyoming state law does not permit the medical use of marijuana and marijuana is illegal under federal law, with or without a prescription.
Employees will be required to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test under the following conditions: after a work-related injury, any accident which results in damage to company property or company vehicles, or reasonable suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pre-employment and random drug tests are necessary and conducted on a job specific basis. Refusal to submit to a test or a positive test will result in termination of employment.


 Uniforms and nametags are provided by the company!  We ask that all Food and Beverage employees bring black non-slip shoes. Vail Resorts Grooming Policy can be found here

 Medical Attention

Work-related injuries are covered by state-maintained Worker's Compensation Insurance. A medical clinic is located at Jackson Lake Lodge and a hospital is in the town of Jackson. If you are under medical care we encourage you to consult with your doctor as our location is at an elevation of approximately 6,800 feet.

Grand Teton Lodge Company Employee Guide